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Who is LOWD™?
Who is LOWD™?

we are

Our team of cannabis connoisseurs grows to satisfy highly selective consumers...
Our Mission

"craft fine cannabis flowers and bring them to market in a safe, sustainable & responsible way."

We envision a cannabis industry that is driven by quality craft products produced by all communities, for all communities. LOWD™ provides unmatched value to our partners and consumers who can expect professional service and consistently excellent products, without sacrificing ethics.
Our Team
Our founders have spent decades sampling landrace strains and popular crosses from all across the world. They each started growing in their basements in the early 2000’s during the medical cannabis revolution. Seeing a lack of legacy growers and pioneers leading the industry, they joined together to form a company that represents Pacific Northwestern Urban cannabis culture

Each of the strains offered at LOWD™ was selected and approved directly by Jesce Horton and Dave Murray, with the goal of offering their favorite genetics to fellow cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
LOWD™ Cuts
LOWD™ Cuts
Our Crew

"our gardeners focus 100% of their time & effort into plant health maintenance."

LOWD’s crew has deep roots in the cannabis industry from multiple perspectives, from the hills of Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon to the indoor basement and commercial warehouse facilities in PDX.

We have dedicated teams for operations, equipment and maintenance tasks. Each member brings a unique value to our business and challenge us every day to perfect our craft.
Our Community
Engrained in the DNA of LOWD™ is the need to help create a better cannabis industry. Our founders and our team believe that in order for the cannabis industry to reach its full potential, it must be a beacon of light for the ability to create a better industry.

Through meaningful efforts to repair harms done by the War on Drugs, our industry can bring people together across the world, despite their differences. Cannabis prohibition enforcement was a driving force in the Mass Incarceration epidemic and...

"we must uplift those who sacrificed their freedom and lives during cannabis prohibition."

NuLeaf Project
We are proud of our support of the Nu Project in Portland, Oregon. This organization is working to grow our market by increasing inclusion and community restoration.
Resource Innovation Institute
Resource Innovation Institute, is working to make the indoor agriculture industry more sustainable and efficient, especially in areas of cannabis cultivation.
Oregon Cannabis Association
Oregon Cannabis Association, a leader for small business growth of the Oregon cannabis market.
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