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We Are / Say ItLOWD™
We Are / Say ItLOWD™

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grown in portland, or
LOWD™ is an award-winning cannabis production company located in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to seek the best genetics and grow those cultivars to reach their peak performance. We practice the art of craft cannabis cultivation in the space known worldwide for producing the finest cannabis flowers, the Pacific Northwest.

Out here, we enjoy the best scenery, the vibrant city, and the best weed. We live life LOWD™, existing effortlessly at...

"the intersection of urban culture & epic nature"

...that you can only find around PDX.

We believe that the new cannabis market is not as strong as it should and could be due to a lack of cultural diversity, the abandonment of legacy growers, and the alienation of its pioneers... But the good news is, cannabis culture is not dead in this new era. LOWD™ holds the flag, high, proud, and with unapologetic humility.
Our Strains
We only Smoke LOUD,
LOWD™So we only grow LOWD.
This is our curated menu of chemotypes, (ya’ll call them strains) represented by genetics that we’ve hunted from seeds, created by crosses, or been gifted from some of the best growers in the country.
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Smoke LikeA Grower

say it lowd.

Real talk, the best thing about being a cannabis grower…is smoking like one. Growers have access to the primo buds in each harvest, they get the most meticulous trim before consuming at the peak of freshness. That means you’re ensuring the truest experience from a cannabis flower, before it is knocked around through packaging and handling.

say it lowd.

We want ya’ll to smoke like us.  So, we’ve got a special product, meant for only the most discerning of cannabis smokers. Our SLAG™ (SMOKE LIKE A GROWER) flowers are available in 1oz, ½oz and 1/4oz collectible, ultraviolet resistant glass jars. NOTHING matches these jars for curing and storage. Only the best, only for the truest chiefers.
SLAG™ Smoke Like A Grower™

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In dispensaries across Oregon
Check us out at some of the DOPEST dispensaries in the state.
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