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How We Grow
How We Grow

so fresh and so clean

We utilize a very clean and efficient indoor cultivation facility...
Our Facility

"Multi-spectrum lighting & world-class environmental controls allow each of our genetics to thrive."

We utilize a very clean and efficient indoor cultivation facility to create an environment for our plants to flourish. This precision allows the cannabis plant to focus more time on trichome production and development, in addition to better bud to leaf ratios. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing and potent flower
Hydroponic x Organic

"Our cultivation processes combine the best of traditional craft hydroponic and organic methodologies"

...we’ve learned over decades growing in Oregon. We utilize a natural coco coir growing medium with macro and micronutrients, supplemented with beneficial organic teas and nutrients. This combination allows us to implement precise nutrient dosing and also employ beneficial microbial life, on an hourly basis.

By implementing smart controls and efficient technologies, we “dial in” our environments to very specific parameters and limit the variables that cause inconsistencies in cannabis flowers. We utilize hand watering throughout the vegetative stage, babying each plant so that they can begin their flower stage with maximum strength and vigor. Once the flowering phase begins in the “Sea of Green” configuration, our plants are fed custom blends through drip irrigation.
Plant Health
No chemical pesticides are used at LOWD™. Our integrated pest management program consists of organic sprays, predator insects, and supreme plant health and vigor. The last being the most important because healthy plants are less susceptible to pests and disease. With a strong focus on quality and efficiency our growing process is designed to produce premium consistent top shelf bud.

At harvest, we use the whole plant drying method. This ensures a slower drying time, helping to accentuate the smell and taste of the flowers. Afterward, LOWD’s world-class trimmers meticulously and delicately prepare the flowers for the curing phase. Curing is one of the most critical points of fine cannabis cultivation, often overlooked. We utilize a precisely tempered curing room, with custom lighting and racking, preserving LOWD™ flowers in glass jars before arriving to the retailer.

"bruh, you can’t screw up the environment to grow a plant…that’s just not right…right?"

That’s right. We employ our methodology, CANNeffiency, to grow more sustainably and responsibly.  There are three important factors that make up CANNefficiency:
• Energy conservation
• Water efficiency
• Product waste reduction

Through trailblazing work with Portland based organization, Resource Innovation Institute, the nationwide leader in cannabis cultivation efficiency, LOWD™ has implemented best practices from across the globe.

Our facility design, equipment and processes are developed and executed with cannabis production efficiency at the core. We utilize:
• Efficient HVAC Systems
• Intelligent light timing and mixed spectrum lighting
• Water recycle
• Waste recycle and composting
• Energy/Water Usage Benchmarking
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